1st Grade MVP Award

Hursey Seafoods 1st Grade MVP Award

The Hursey Seafoods 1st Grade Most Valuable Player Award was introduced for the 2015/16 season.  This award was created to recognise players who perform consistently for their teams.  Players earned points based on their performances in One-Day and Two-Day games, based on the following scale:

1 point per run and not out
20 points per wicket
5 points per catch, run out or stumping
5 points for 50 runs in an innings
10 points for 100 runs in an innings
10 points for 5 wickets in an innings

The highest points scorer for each week received a $100 Hursey Seafoods dine-in voucher, with the best performances published in each Wednesday’s edition of The Advocate.  

Final Points – 2015/16:

1115.5 points – Jake Libby (Latrobe)

1002 points – Jacob Snare (Ulverstone)

873 points – Adam Drinkwell (Burnie Hurricanes)

843 points – Declan West (Wynyard)

811 points – Alex King (Sheffield)

731 points – Tristan Weeks (Latrobe)

696.5 points – Anton Ehlers (Ulverstone)

696 points – Marc Simonds (Sheffield)

663 points – Miles Barnard (Devonport)

594.5 points – Todd Chatwin (Wynyard)