Player Registration and Clearance Rules

3.             Registration of Players

(a)    In every cricket season each club shall register all its playing members with the Association.

(b)    All players must be registered prior to playing in their first match.  The process to be followed is:

(i)      Each player must complete and sign a hard copy registration form (or complete a club online registration), which constitutes their agreement to meet their financial commitments to their club and to follow club and Cricket North West rules.  Clubs are to retain the hard copies to be used in the event of a dispute or clearance application. 

(ii)     Each player’s name, postal address, contact phone number, date of birth, email address (if applicable) and emergency contact details must be entered in the MyCricket management system prior to the completion of online registration.

(iii)    Each player must be registered in MyCricket prior to taking part in their first match with their club in each season.

(c)    When a player desires to transfer from one Association club to another, they must obtain clearance from the club with which they were previously registered, and/or be granted clearance by the CNW Board or CNW Tribunal as outlined in Rule 12.

(d)    Clearances must be in the Regional Administrator’s hands prior to the player commencing to play with their new club.

(e)    The closing date for all registrations for each season shall be the 31st day of January in that season, and all registrations must be completed in MyCricket on or before that date.

(f)     The Cricket North West Board shall have power to decide on any application for registration from a club on behalf of a player transferring from another Territory after the 31st of January in that season providing it is a bone fide change in residence or employment.

(g)    A player who resides (that his normal place of abode) or works within the Territory allocated to Cricket North West may register with the club of his choice providing he has received a clearance from his previous club.

(h)    If a player changes his residence to a place outside the CNW Territory at any time during the season he shall be entitled to apply to the Cricket North West Board for de-registration and for clearance to any cricket club which does not ordinarily play within the Territory.


Dual Registration

(i)    Junior players registered with the Circular Head Cricket Association are permitted dual registration.  As a result, they may play senior cricket with a CNW club (1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Women’s T20), but must play junior cricket with the CHCA, provided they field a team in the applicable age group.

(j)    For all grades (except CNW 1st Grade), players may be permitted dual registration between a CNW and community association club.  This dual registration only covers instances where:

(i)    A senior player has not been selected in a CNW lower grade team and they have the opportunity to play with a community association club in any given week;

(ii)    A CNW lower grade team is short on numbers in any given week and brings in community association players to fill gaps; or

(iii)   A junior player plays cricket with a community association club each Saturday, and plays with a CNW club’s junior team each Sunday. 

(k)   Permission is conditional on the player satisfying all CNW and community association registration and clearance rules.  Finals eligibility conditions are the same as for any other player. 

(l)    Current Cricket Tasmania Premier League players may be dual-registered with a CNW club, conditional on the player satisfying all CNW and CTPL registration and clearance rules.  Finals eligibility conditions are the same as for any other player.

11.          Eligibility

(a)    Subject to the provisions of Rules 12-15, a player may play with any club provided they are not a defaulter.

(b)    No player may play with more than one CNW club during the same season unless they are cleared by his club and/or the Cricket North West Board. 

(c)    No player who has been suspended from playing by any cricket association may play with a CNW club until the term of the suspension has been completed.

(d)    Where a club has entered multiple teams in one grade, a player can only play in one team, unless there are exceptional circumstances and written permission is provided by CNW. 

12.          Clearances

(a)   Subject to regional requirements, no player having registered with a CNW club shall be allowed to play with any other club without first obtaining a written clearance from the club with which he is registered.  Such approval for a clearance can only be approved by the Cricket North West Board or the CNW Tribunal.

(b)   In the event of a club refusing a clearance for a player, the CNW Board will examine the information provided by the player and clubs and shall have the power to grant or refuse the clearance independently.

(c)   A club wishing to challenge the clearance ruling of the CNW Board may elect to take the matter to the CNW Tribunal for deliberation, as per item 43(2)(a) of the CNW (NWTCA Inc.) constitution.

(d)   A player dissatisfied with a clearance ruling of the CNW Board may elect to take the matter to the CNW Tribunal as per item 42(7) of the CNW (NWTCA Inc.) constitution.



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