CNW Female Rep Team Victorious
Date of Event : Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:08AM

The plan to rotate bowlers during the high temperatures was the key to the Cricket North West Women securing their first ever win over Cricket North on Sunday said coach Sam Cotton.

 Cricket North West claimed a three wicket win with the assistance of 64 extras from the charitable Northern bowling in their chase of 119, but key performances from Cotton (2-11), Esther Magor (2-30), Suzannah Gale (10 not out) and Montana Bradley (20) secured the win.

 Cotton said knowing the conditions ahead of the time, planning to bowl first with the temperature expected to rise in the second half of game proved to be the most influential factor in the game.

 “We fully planned for the conditions for what the conditions were going to be, it said it was going to be the hottest around two in afternoon,” Cotton said.

 “So at the toss we went in with the intention to field first in the coolest conditions of the day and we were happy when the North decided to bat first.

 “Managing our players that way was probably the difference, using a 12th player as a rotation and using short spells to keep everyone fresh.

 “We were aggressive tactically from the leadership of Montana Bradley and the team really came together, which made it difficult for the North to adjust.”

 Thanks to the tight bowling in the cooler conditions, Cotton said the team was able to take less risks against the inconsistent North bowlers with the bat.

 “We had the mindset going into our chase that we didn’t have to take risk with three runs an over needed.

 “It was also easier after the first over that went for 12 runs because you have knocked off four overs straight away and it didn’t give us much pressure.

 “But it does make it hard with the inconsistency when you get some wide ones and then some good ones, but the pressure was on the North and it made it easier for us.” 

 Cricket North West would like to thank Coach Sam Cotton for her great work gathering together a group of talented and committed players for the game.  She worked well with Captain Montana Bradley to plan and execute a winning strategy on the day.  We also thank match day scorer Andrew Gibson for his continued support of the Female Rep Team, having fulfilled this role for a number of years now.

 Congratulations to everyone involved for securing a historic maiden victory for the CNW Female Rep Team.  May there be many more wins to come!


Story courtesy Jarryd McGuane, The Advocate Newspaper.  Photo courtesy Montana Bradley.

Last updated: Friday February 16, 2018 10:19AM

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