Summers Stepping Down
Date of Event : Fri Mar 9, 2018 3:43PM

Wynyard Cricket Club will be on the lookout for a Captain and Coach for their Crowe Horwath Female Competition side for the 2018-19 season after 2017-18 captain/coach Kahla Summers announced she would step down from the role.


Following the Bluebelles loss to the Latrobe in the Grand Final on Sunday, Summers decided the time was right to end her four year stint in charge of the team and also end her time as President.

Summers said she was weighing up whether to step down for an extended period of time, with the amount of time needed to commit to the club roles and having a young child to raise being major factors in her decision.

“I was thinking about it for a long time now, being in charge for four years with the women and two years as President, I have put a lot of time into the club,” Summers said.

“I think a lot of people don’t realise what it takes to get a team on the field on the Sunday, calling people, the admin and the putting a team, it does take a lot of time and effort.

“I also have a young child, I need to have a lot of time for him and I just need a break from it all.”

With her leadership of the women’s team, Summers said it had been a great four years in charge, but felt the team had also gone as far as she could take it on the field.

“It has been a good four years with a lot of success with the group of players we had.

“We had a bit of a tough time in the women’s late in the season, so I think that I have had my time with the girls and think they need to have someone else now.

“Though I have the firm belief that I have gotten the team as far as it could go.”

When it comes to finding a replacement, Summers said the club would get advertising out and would be looking for someone to bring through juniors to rejuvenate the team.

“Cherie Hawkins indicated after the grand final that she was going to look at getting back involved with her daughter Abbey playing and that is one of the options the club has got.

“I know before the AGM comes along, the club will get our advertising out and make sure in will be open to everyone, but it will be important to bring juniors through because the team is quite old.”

Though she is stepping back from a lot of commitment in the administration, Summers said her cricket playing days may not be over, but she may leave Wynyard to play again.

“I would not like to say that I have completely finished playing because I had one of my better years and I don’t want to do a John Farnham and keep coming back.

“I also don’t know if I will play for Wynyard again next year, I might play for someone else, but i’m not entirely sure with what I am doing yet.”

Last updated: Friday March 9, 2018 3:46PM

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