MVP Awards Receive Hursey Seafoods Support
Date of Event : Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:31PM

Hursey Seafoods, in conjunction with Cricket North West, will again support 1st Grade and Female Competition Most Valuable Player Awards for Season 2018/19.  This is the fourth season for 1st Grade, and third season for the Female Competition.


The award recognises player performances in each 1st Grade One-Day and Two-Day game and all Female Competition T20 matches throughout the season, with players to earn points based on the following statistical measurements:


1 point per run;

20 points per wicket;

5 points per catch;

5 points per run out;

5 points per stumping;

1 point per not out;

5 points for 50 runs in an innings;

10 points for 100 runs in an innings;

10 points for 5 wickets in an innings.


The top three performances from each game will be highlighted on a weekly basis, along with the overall Leader board.  Using this points system, batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders should have an equal chance at winning the award.


Players producing the best performance in each week will receive a $100 dine-in meal voucher from Hursey Seafoods, with the overall winner to receive $500 cash.


Past winners have been:


2015/16: Jake Libby (Latrobe), no Female Competition award.

2016/17: Aiden Marshall (Sheffield) & Judy Kelly (Ulverstone).

2017/18: Tristan Weeks (Latrobe) & Samantha Cotton (Ulverstone).



We thank Hursey Seafoods for their generous support, and encourage everyone to call in to their restaurant for a delicious meal whenever you are in Stanley (2 Alexander Terrace).

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